Lose Weight, Build Impressive Muscle, Finally Get the Strength and Tone You've Want to Sculpt YOUR Ideal Body!


Let's face it. Modern life is constantly working against us. From salty, sugary, fatty snacks that crowd supermarket shelves to work days that leave us too worn out to workout. You have to break out of the mold and try something new to get the results you really want.

Introducing Uncaged Fitness "Fitness Boot Camp" Classes For Greenville

We use a high intensity combination of awesome body weight exercises that effectively build power, give you true athleticism, and provide searing explosiveness.


At Uncaged Fitness, we use modern fitness principles to help anyone develop their body to its most impressive potential. You might be surprised how many award winning athletes and bodybuilders were once 95 pound weaklings with a dream. You don't know what you can achieve until you try. And we can just about guarantee you're going to be impressed with yourself.

Coach Josh Skinner

Bootcamp Classes are lead by Uncaged Fitness founder Josh Skinner. He is a certified Personal Trainer and active Muay Thai Kickboxer. Josh's lifelong dedication to fitness helps inspire you to give your all in going above and beyond anything you dreamed possible.

Classes are an exciting combination of kickboxing, bodyweight exercises, and kettlebell training. This is the best way to get fit, trim, and oh so strong. Your core strength soars as you make these routines a part of your regular life. Your muscles, your heart, and your mind all get stronger, faster, and more effective.

You also get improved endurance that can allow you to go the distance. Whether it's staying alert and positive throughout an especially challenging day at work or impressing everyone as you play hard to the very last play of the game - improved endurance will make you the envy of friends and opponents.

Last but certainly not least, participating in our Bootcamp Classes gives you an undeniable new confidence. You walk a little taller, speak a bit more boldly, and take on major challenges with no hint of doubt. We're even willing to bet you'll like the way you look naked.

What are you waiting for? Sign up NOW for your 1 FREE CLASS. Come get to know us. Meet new people. And find out just how fun and rewarding it is to discover a new you in our Fitness Boot Camp classes.

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Message from Brooke:

" My legs are sore, which is awesome! Looking forward to feeling fit in my dress for the Gala this evening. Thank you so very much for working with me so I can be my best. :)"

Blake went from a size 14 to a size 6

"I've had more results in less than 12 months with Uncaged Fitness, than I've had working out on my own for 12 years."

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Caroline has lost more than 60 lbs!

"Uncaged Fitness worked for me!"

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